Re: [Evolution] Re: evolution digest, Vol 1 #196 - 17 msgs

Thanks, but the Mozilla question was the other fellow's add-on question,
not my original one which I include below).

I want to know how to make gvim the default handler for text

From: Mike Godfrey <migod uwaterloo ca>
Subject: [Evolution] changing MIME settings?


I have a redhat 9 system, running evo 1.2.2-5.

I would like to add "gvim" as my default handler for text attachments.

I used to be able to do this using gnomecc under redhat 7.3, but
changing the "file types and settings" in the new version
(gnome-control-centre) doesn't appear to affect evolution.

Anyone know what to do?


-- Mike

On Thu, 2003-05-15 at 17:46, guenther wrote:
Mike, as Google is more than a month behind with indexing and I added
additional info to my standard answer, I will post it again.

Mark and Eric are right and here is the solution...


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