Re: [Evolution] evo 1.2.2 on rh9: why am I getting asked for my password repeatedly?

Ouch. I've got about 50 filters running, that's a whole stack of time to
rebuild them all from nothing.

Looking at the filters.xml file, there doesn't appear to be anything in
there that would tell evo that it's filtering to another server or not.
So how does it decide this? 

On Fri, 2003-05-09 at 16:20, Dan Winship wrote:
When I filter something in my inbox (CNTL-Y), I get asked for my

I thought this bug got fixed, but that definitely used to happen if you
created an account, created some filters, then changed certain
properties of the account. Then evo would get confused and think you
were filtering messages into folders on another server, so it would have
to ask you for your password again. So if you delete and recreate the
filter rules, the bug should go away. (Upgrading to evo 1.2.4 may also
fix it, although it might only fix it for new filters, not old ones.)

-- Dan
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