Re: [Evolution] Empty contacts / messing with the database

Not sure, but that sounds kinda familiar to what I just came across:

Chris Toshok wrote:
[...] I suggest you don't create/modify
addressbook.db entries using straight perl modifying the file's
internals.  Going through the wombat is really the better way to do
this, since you'll get notification if things have changed [...]

I can't tell why I shouldn't do this. The format of the file is very
unlikely to change (vCards in Berkeley DB) and it should work.

AFAIK editing that database can be dangerous, cause Evo uses some
client/server backend. For more in depth info you should ask the

Those servers still holding the data when Evo is closed even is the
reason for 'killev' before copying your data files. Data can still be in
memory and not synced to disk.


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