Re: [Evolution] Sync email with Palm

Le jeu 20/03/2003 à 18:37, JP Rosevear a écrit :

What about pilot-mailsync?
Works great with Evo and has a gpilot conduit...

I meant one that ships explicitly for evolution.  I'm not familiar with
the code, but I suspect it may have issues if used while evolution is
running (mbox file locking, evolution flags, etc).

Yes, it does have problem with Evo-specific flags. But syncing can be
done anyway by playing with filters (tips privided a few months ago by
Not Zed, thanks :-)) in order to let Evo put the right flags before
copying mails to mbox.
Regarding mbox file locking, I did not notice any conflict yet. The
access is managed by the C-Client, which is supposed to handle this
correctly. Although I am just guessing here, as I did not do any serious
testing (I use pilot-mailsync everyday with Evo, and so far no problem,
but it doesn't mean there isn't any :-))

Alexandre Aractingi <aaractingi libertysurf fr>

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