Re: [Evolution] Expanding a digest with procmail and showing it as threaded

On Mon, 2003-03-03 at 17:28, Mike Stilson wrote:
I'm fairly new to using evolution (I've been a mutt fan until now) and
have run into a little problem.  I subscribe to digest versions of
several lists.  When I expand them (via procmail.. here's the script
that expands them)

* ^Subject:.*inux-kernel-.*digest
|formail +1 -a "List-ID: lkml" -ds >> $DEFAULT

* ^Subject:.*XFree86.*
|formail +1 -a "List-ID: xfree" -ds >> $DEFAULT
* ^List-ID:.*mysql.*
|formail +1 -a "List-ID: mysql" -ds >> $DEFAULT

$DEFAULT is /var/spool/mail/mike

I set up evolution to filter on the List-ID header, and put them in
their own folder (I couldn't figure out how to get evo to break up the
digest itself, if it can), and that works just fine.

Out of interest, why don't you just have procmail do the whole job and
put them in their own folders, or indeed have Evolution filter them on
its own?

Also, you'll get more reliable filtering if you filter on the sender
rather than other headers. Only the SMTP sender is 100% reliable -- my
Exim filter rule for lkml, for example, is:

if "$sender_address" matches "linux-kernel-owner * vger kernel org" then
        save Maildir/.lists.l-k/

Other filters will have both false positives and false negatives under
some circumstances. 


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