Re: [Evolution] Root messages from local spool

Probably not - at least not if your mail delivery agent is procmail.

Creating a .forward isn't so bad.  You can even procmail root's mail
into a folder.

On Thu, 2003-06-19 at 13:17, Art Alexion wrote:
Could I do a "chown" on /var/spool/mail/root?

On 19 Jun 2003 at 21:05, Not Zed wrote:

Evolution wont let you do this, it will only let you lock a mailbox
you own, it wont even let root lock someone elses mailbox.

You should generally forward your root mail using an alias, or other
local mechanism, to your own account (or another one).

On Thu, 2003-06-19 at 15:52, Arthur S. Alexion wrote:
In addition to my pop mail, I configured two local spools to view
local system messages.  One for my local user messages, a spool type
pointed at /var/spool/mail/me, and the other for the system messages
delivered to /var/spool/mail/root.  The user spool account works
fine, but the one set up to read the root's system messages refuses
to afford me access permission.  I have done a chmod 666 on
/var/spool/mail/root to give myself permission, but that didn't do
it.  That permitted me to look at the headers in the upper pane, but
whenever I try to retrieve a message, I get the message: "Error
retrieving message xxx.  Could not lock /var/spool/mail/root." 
(where xxx is the message number)   Any suggestions?

Dan Stromberg DCS/NACS/UCI <strombrg dcs nac uci edu>

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