Re: [Evolution] emacs keybindings in 1.4?

Yeah, this is indeed the case.  Unfortunately we didn't have enough time
to work around this problem in 1.4.0.

The possible workaround is to change the menu keybindings to match / not
conflict with the Emacs keybindings when user switches the main GNOME
setting...  It's a bit nasty but I don't think we have much choice.

(Also, we'd happily accept a patch that does this, right now no-one is
working it AFAIK.)

On Tue, 2003-06-10 at 13:41, Alex Malinovich wrote:
Unless this got resolved recently without me hearing about it, it's most
likely the same GTK bug that's been biting people using Galeon and other
programs for months now. Namely, regardless of your layout, the
application hotkeys come first. So even if you have your layout set to
Emacs mode (like I do), if an application has Ctrl+A listed as "Select
All" on the Edit menu for example, Ctrl+A becomes "Select All" not
beginning of line. To verify that your keybindings are set right in
GNOME at least (even if GTK does butcher them), try using Ctrl+K in
Evolution. It should still do an emacs-style "kill to end of line" since
it's not bound to anything else. However, Ctrl+A, Ctrl+E, and just about
all the other useful Emacs keybindings are assigned to useless actions
like "select all" and "find regexp", etc.

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