Re: [Evolution] LDAP almost working

About the autocompletion: I have added the LDAP server to the completion
folder but I can't get any response. Here is what wombat says when I
type "dal" in the "To:" field in a new message:

searching server using filter: (| (displayName=dal*) (mail=dal*)
(|(cn=dal*)(sn=dal*)) (sn=dal*) )
(Wombat:11225): wombat-pas-WARNING **: search returned 0

So the LDAP server is queried but no results returned. Is it possible to
configure the number of search parameters used? I guess only having
(|(cn=dal*)(sn=dal*)) would to the trick.

I have also tried with ldapsearch. When I use the filter that Evolution
uses I get no results. Even this one gives no results:

ldapsearch -b ou=Users,l=hq,o=NR -x -h

But this one returns results:
ldapsearch -b ou=Users,l=hq,o=NR -x -h "(mail=dal*)"

This is strange. The first filter contains | and should match either
displayName or mail.

On Thu, 2003-07-24 at 00:48, Chris Toshok wrote:
Autocompletion should work if you add it to the completion folders.  I
use autocompletion from an openldap server here.  It uses a query
similar to the Name Contains query, so you should be ok.


Per Thomas Jahr

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