Re: [Evolution] Help! No email folders available!

rpm -Va

This will produce a list of all files in package management that are
different from what they originally were in the package.  Sometimes this
is OK (configuration files, files that get modified by postinstall
scripts), but it's good at turning up packages whose files have gotten
messed up by e.g. filesystem corruption from unclean shutdowns, which
can allow a system to be salvaged without having to reinstall the OS.

The output syntax is a bit obscure, but the rpm man page has details. 
You'll probably want to either redirect the output to file or pipe it
through less.  I'd redirect to file.

-Mark Gordon

On Wed, 2003-07-23 at 22:40, Not Zed wrote:
Ok, sorry for all the run-around, but it sounds like something in your
install has got screwed up, data outside of evolution's private data.

Either forcing a re-install of packages you already have installed, or
upgrading, sound like your best bets to get something going.

On Wed, 2003-07-23 at 23:19, Grant Rutherford wrote:

I tried the tollowing,

mv evolution/config.xmldb evolution/

And it did ask me to reconfigure my account.  However, after filling in the 
information, the problem still remains (cannot open mail folders).  Should I 
upgrade to the latest version?


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