Re: [Evolution] How do I keep message list from resorting?

On ?? 2003-07-23 at 10:27, Stuart Luppescu wrote:
I was very happy when the message list stopped automatically resorting
when I upgraded to 1.2, but one folder still does it. Each time I delete
a message, everything resorts and I have to relocate the highlight to
the top of the unread messages. It's a royal pain. I looked in
~/evolution/config.xmldb, but I could find anything special about the
one folder that still resorts. Can someone PLEASE tell me where to set

Never mind. I think I solved this. I had View -> Current View set to
some custom view. When I reset it to Messages, this annoying behavior
went away.

This must be another corollary to Murphy's (?) Law: The minute after you
post a message to a list asking a question you find the answer yourself.
(Very similar to the law that states, ``The day after you throw
something away (or delete a mail message) after keeping it for years
that's when you discover you really needed it.'')
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