Re: [Evolution] Refreshing a vfolder

I was just reading your post and decided to try it out (I have the same problem!) After pressing CTRL-E the headers are still there but if you select a message I got the following message:

Error while 'Retrieving message CYbN0SHb1848':
No such message CYbN0SHb1848 in 4) Unread

But like I said the messages headers are still there...

On Sun, 2003-07-13 at 11:17, Jason Tackaberry wrote:
Hi Calvin,

On Sun, 2003-07-13 at 04:40, Calvin Liu wrote:
> Someone had told me this before. But it doesn't work for me.

It's never _not_ worked for me.  Maybe one of the Evolution developers
can help you debug that.

I'd try this simple test:

     1. Create a vFolder called "Unread Inbox" and add your Inbox as the
        vfolder source, and add a rule "Status is not Read."
     2. Go to that vfolder.  See if it lists your unread mail.  (If you
        don't have one, send yourself an email.)  It should appear in
        your vfolder.
     3. Read the message in your vfolder.  After the timeout, it should
        be marked as read.  (Or manually mark it as read if you have
        that "mark read after N seconds" turned off.)  The message,
        which is now read, should remain in your vFolder.
     4. Hit CTRL-E (or Actions | Expunge).  That read email should now
        disappear from your vFolder.

If that _doesn't_ work, maybe one of the Evo gurus can suggest what the
problem might be.


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