Re: [Evolution] IMAP issues with Evolution 1.4: use offlineimap!!!

not to harp on this, but the evolution imap support is not that good..i gave up a couple off months ago and switched to offlineimap (, it does imap real well and turns the imap emails into md folders which evo can read real well! So no loss of functionality and on top of that offline email reading (yes including attachments which evo seems to forget all the time).

Also sending is much faster using md folders: with over 15,000 emails in my Sent folder using IMAP under evo means minutes of scanning time each time i send an email (yes i know it is the imap protocol fault not evo's). With md folder it is local so instantaneous.

On Mon, 2003-07-07 at 15:03, guenther wrote:
> I've recently installed Ximian desktop 2.0 on my Suse 8.2 computer and I 
> am having issues with getting IMAP in Evolution 1.4 to work. Whenever I 
> connect to my IMAP server the message 'Scanning folders in IMAP 
> server....' displays for a couple of minutes but no email is ever 
> downloaded.  I noticed that the pre-release of 1.4 had an issue that 
> required you to remove and recreate your IMAP account. I tried that but 
> it still didn't work.  I can get my mail via IMAP from Mozilla with no 
> problem. I get prompted for a login and if I enter the wrong password I 
> get an error, so I know it can connect to the server.

In the Mail Account Settings under tab Receiving Options, do you have
disabled "Show only subscribed folders" and set the correct "Folder
Namespace" if needed?


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