Re: [Evolution] filters.xml

On Thu, 2003-07-03 at 18:12, Xavier Bestel wrote:
Le jeu 03/07/2003 à 01:48, Michael Rensing a écrit :
Now that evolution appears to have the ability to pipe messages to
scripts, I'm thinking of shutting down procmail and letting evolution do
all my filtering. The problem is that I've got a LOT of filter rules
defined in procmail. It looks like I'm in for a lot of mouse clicking.

One of the things that could help would be to edit the filters.xml file
directly. Is it safe to do this, or would it screw up evolution?

I've already done that, it works well. I didn't even need to restart
Evo, the changes applied instantly.

Nod, they're read every time filtering occurs.

Be careful not to break the xml file in any way though, although i guess
at worst it will just not filter at all.

I'm impressed (well, surprised) evolution's filtering stuff would
adequately replace procmail, tho i guess it depends on the case.

Also note that evo can't yet use a script as a filter (i.e. the script
can't alter the message), only as a test.

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