Re: [Evolution] Virus filtering

Le mar 01/07/2003 à 16:39, guenther a écrit :
I've discovered Antivir <>. It's a commercial
product but it's free for personal use. But I'm unable to make it work
with Evolution... Simply putting <Pipe message to shell command "antivir
" Returns greater than "0"> does not catch anything...  I haven't found
a "data streaming" option for Antivir. I suppose I need to make a "pipe"
or a "redirection" or something, but it's beyond my actual knowledge of

From the documentation, there doesn't seem to be any way to make it
check a single file of your choice. It seems to be designed only to scan
the entire disk for viruses.

Well, AntiVir has the ability, to scan all "through"coming messages on a
SMTP. I don't know, if checking single mails piped to the binary is

Philippe, please read the AntiVir documentation, if this is possible.

Well, I've already read all the documentation, FAQ, etc. I could find on
Antivir's website (unfortunately, some of it has not been translated
from German - which I'd love to learn... when I find some free time!).
I've also searched on GoogleGroups for any clue...

Would it not be possible to have a little script where each message
being filtered would be temporarily piped to a file, which could then be
scanned by Antivir? I guess it would not be very efficient, but could be
worth a try...

Thanks anyway!



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