Re: [Evolution] Can Evolution handle winmail.dat files ?


Have a look at It may do what you are looking for in
a sort of intermediate way.


On Fri, 2003-01-24 at 14:13, Stefanie Blackburn wrote:
Can Evolution handle winmail.dat attachments from Microsoft mailers such
as: Outlook97, Outlook98 and Outlook2000+ ?

I have attached the description of the issue that most other mail
programs have with this type of an attachment.

Mail programs in the Microsoft Exchange family, which includes Windows 
Messaging, Outlook97, Outlook98 and Outlook2000+, will include a TNEF 
(Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format) attachment named WINMAIL.DAT 
when the sender selects, or defaults to, RTF (Rich Text Format). If the 
sender is using MIME formatting, this attachment will have Content-Type: 

The TNEF attachment includes a Rich Text Format (e.g. bold, underline, 
fonts) version of the plain text message. If the sender has included any 
attachments (e.g. pictures, spreadsheets, programs), they will be 
embedded within the TNEF attachment and not as separate attachments.

Most other mail programs do not know how to handle the TNEF attachments 
and so Exchange family users should avoid using RTF unless they know 
that the recipient has a compatible program. The sender can control the 
use of RTF on a recipient by recipient basis. However, if sending via a 
Microsoft Exchange server, the server can override the sender's 
settings. In this case the Exchange administrator will need to make 
changes on the server.

Thank you in advance
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