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Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:

Huh? You cannot send mail via IMAP. IMAP is for reading mail ONLY.

That's not entirely true. At least courier imap supports the Outbox extension:

# The next set of options deal with the "Outbox" enhancement.
# Uncomment the following setting to create a special folder, named
# INBOX.Outbox
# OUTBOX=.Outbox

# If OUTBOX is defined, mail can be sent via the IMAP connection by copying
# a message to the INBOX.Outbox folder.  For all practical matters,
# INBOX.Outbox looks and behaves just like any other IMAP folder.  If this
# folder doesn't exist it must be created by the IMAP mail client, just
# like any other IMAP folder.  The kicker: any message copied or moved to
# this folder is will be E-mailed by the Courier-IMAP server, by running
# the SENDMAIL program.  Therefore, messages copied or moved to this
# folder must be well-formed RFC-2822 messages, with the recipient list
# specified in the To:, Cc:, and Bcc: headers.  Courier-IMAP relies on
# SENDMAIL to read the recipient list from these headers (and delete the Bcc:
# header) by running the command "$SENDMAIL -oi -t -f $SENDER", with the
# message piped on standard input.  $SENDER will be the return address
# of the message, which is set by the authentication module.
# DO NOT MODIFY SENDMAIL, below, unless you know what you're doing.


So, yes, IMAP can certainly be used to send mail thus there isn't a real need for SMTP anymore - theoretically. Practically, I've neither tried it and would also think that it would take quite some user training and also configuration work on the MUA side to have this a feasible solution.

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