[Evolution] Shell commands in mail filters

I've been trying to use the 'Shell command' action to help with spam
filtering using bogofilter/evolution.

The problem I'm running into is that all that seems to happen when I
specify a shell command as an action is that the command gets run.  

I guess the behaviour is not unreasonable, it does exactly what it says.

However, I was hoping that there would be away to pipe the message being
filtered into the shell command.  Am I missing something?

(I'm using evo 1.2.0)

John Gill


/usr/bin/bogofilter -S> 
(tells bogofilter to identify e-mail as spam)

I accomplish #2 by marking the e-mail as "Important" which I actually
use as a spam id in the filters. The appropriate shell command is then
executed, but it doesn't look like bogofilter got it :( It does work
manually from the command line, so I think bogofilter itself is fine.

The problem is that we do not pass command-line arguments (it is
non-trivial to parse command-line options).

Instead, write a wrapper script and have Evolution run that.

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