Re: [Evolution] Filtering out duplicate messages

I thought Evolution was about providing an Outlook replacement, not
about providing an email client only to those who can do it themselves?

Outlook replacement... i hope not!!! Else, bring on insecure scripting
and the virusii - i always envisaged it about being a "productivity
tool" that took many valuable features from various programs already out
there, but introduced a lot of original features as well, in a manner
that is secure, reliable and usable. I don't think the evlution guys are
"aspiring to make evolution" outlook like... that would be a shallow
goal indeed.

Elitism isn't something the developers should aim for either, Simran.

Totally agree. One of the ways of doing this is programming for users
not for programmers - They should not forget the "user population" and
the way something is going to get used, and keeping them in mind is the
reason the "feature" is not in evolution (as you would have judged from
Jeff's email)

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