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Alessio Bragadini <alessio albourne com>
APL Financial Services (Overseas) Ltd
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Dear list,

It seems that a new initiative is born to develop a middleware component
(like ODBC) which syncs OUTLOOK groupware actions (like appointments, tasks
and contacts) with a groupware server (like Amphora Lite)

Hereby I ask you whether you can participate in this project. We must form a
'winning team' meaning that all required disciplines are needed. Not just
developers or latter project managers.

The Product
My personal idea is make the product in phases:
phase 1 stabilize: develop the middleware component to interact with Outlook
and Amphora light
phase 2 server enhancements: adjust and make it general to more servers
(like Tutos.org etc.)
phase 3 client enhancements: adjust to comply with other "Outlooks" like
clones for KDE/GNOME

And I agree to make it opensource and XML based.
Btw, take a look at the server/client of
http://www.billworkgroup.org/billworkgroup/home . It's an Exchange server
replacement. It's opensource, but the outlook middleware is "closed
The interesting part is that they don't use XML but Corba to interact
between the middleware and the server.

Required Resources:
people: project manager, developers, product promoters(?)
technical: IDE, technical resources
collaboration/management/document(versioning) system: CVS? / FTP?
others: a promo website?

Current list of potential participants:
Indrek Järve <incx dustbite net>
Knowledge: ....
Roles: ....
Is willing to commit for ... hours/week

Patrick J. Conroy <conroyp contexttech com>
Knowledge: ....
Roles: .....
Is willing to commit for ... hours/week

Roland Knall <r knall prokom at>
Is willing to commit for ... hours/week

Ruben Waitz <r waitz proto56 com>
Knowledge: ....
Roles: ....
Is willing to commit for ... hours/week

I've never tried it, but "WideStudio" is an integrated development
environment (IDE) to build GUI applications
for Linux / FreeBSD / SOLARIS / Windows95/98/ME,Windows NT,Win2K.
Maybe it's worth to use this in our project.

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