Re: [Evolution] Gadget request: Support for Multimedia Keyboards

On Tue, 2003-02-18 at 22:31, Cliff Wells wrote:
On Sun, 2003-02-16 at 15:43, Jacco van Koll wrote:
Hello All,

After reading this mailing-list for a while, and browsing around on
the Internet, i found out that it is difficult to get 'Multimedia'
keybinding support for Gnome and/or Evolution. As an example: I do
have a Microsoft Natural Multimedia keyboard, with all kinds of
buttons on it. Also, it supports additional use of the F1-F12 keys on
it, by using the F Lock key. 

As i know how to use the xmodmap program, i have now 30 keys 'extra'
available. All of those keys are 'configurable' in KDE, including the
'send, reply, fwd' keys. There is no way i can get Gnome or Evolution
to understand that when i press the 'reply' button, it should reply to
the message in Evolution. 

This looks like a lack of flexibility right now. Those keys are
available on the keyboard, so why don't use those?

Now i can understand that people will reply, why i buy such a
keyboard. Well, the only thing Microsoft can build, are keyboards and
mice. The rest sucks... And because i did have one of the first
'natural' keyboards, i am hooked to it. So this is why i bought a new
one. (After 7 years using the old one).

You can use lineak to map those extended
keys to anything you can specify at the shell prompt, plus a few other
things.  I've got the volume knob, standby button, cd controls and all
those useless web buttons working on my HP multimedia keyboard.

This i got working too. But now i am looking for a way to tell GNOME, or
EVO, that i would like to map key 'F35' to the 'reply' (now ctrl+r)
keystroke. This i cannot find anywhere in the Gnome setup/config, nor in
the Evolution config. As i look at kde, all programs give you the option
to assign keys to functions, just like reply, new, forward, etc. I got
those working ok... 

So probably, this is causing the babylonian mess :-)

Your sig is very long.

Taken care of that :-)

Jacco van Koll 

Slackware Linux Certified Engineer 


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