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ons, 2003-02-12 kl. 16:24 skrev Etienne Tourigny:

Billy's comments made me think of a hybrid solution.

Actually, Billy - the cat - can only write in Dutch and Norwegian
nynorsk. It's Tony who always writes in English (Tony also writes in
Dutch and nynorsk, as well as all the others.- le dernier peut aussi
écrire un peu en francais, si'il est tres deprimé, comme maintenant en

Evo 1.2.1

Right now the "active" languages (in the document) are the ones that
have been "enabled" in the Prefs.  Before you would select the "enabled"
in the prefs. and you could select "active" languages in Edit->SCL.

I can't enable languages in Tools -> Settings - that's where things go
wrong for me. I then turn on everything at once.
What if you could "enable" various languages (ex. for me American
English and French) and select a "default" for editing.  Then in the
document you could select ONE of the "enabled" languages as the "active"
and it would be initially the "default" one.  

Why? I'm happy with things as they are with 1.2.1. The point is, that
with 1.2.2 you can't select *anything* in the composer (according to
Anna), which is utterly useless to both me and Billy. Since selecting
multiple languages in Tools -> Settings activates all chosen languages
at the same time. Useless. Which is why I can not install 1.2.2, even
though I've downloaded it.

As for implementing this, one would have to:
1) add an option for the "default" language in the prefs.
2) the list in Edit->SCL would be made of the languages "enabled" in
the prefs.
3) only one element in the list in Edit->SCL would be active at a time

Why have any default language at all? I have *no* default language, I
write in them all, according to my intended recipient..


Billy and Tony


Tony Earnshaw

"Can anyone define 'modern enclitic
mediocrity' in terms of the Euro for me?"
- Billy the (Norwegian-Dutch) Cat, Feb '03

e-post:         tonni billy demon nl

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