Re: [Evolution] Evolution 1.2.2]

Hi Tony, 

Thanks for your mail. I have a few questions and observations. 

I write in a number of languages: Eng US, Eng GB, Norwegian (only
bokmaal available, alas, but I teach mine nynorsk, "my" language, as
appropriate :) and Dutch. Right now, I've chosen Eng US.

If I set the languages I want in the settings dialog, words that I add
are added to *all* the auxiliary language files at the same time. This
is both useless and end-defeating.

So if we leave the Edit->SCL menu out of it for a moment, the problem
you are articulating here is that people who run spell checking in more
than one language need to have control over which dictionary new words
are added to. Is that correct? 

If I choose the spell checker in the composer, I can add auxiliary
languages for each message that I write. 

I am not sure that I understand what you mean here. :) Please bear with

When you open a new composer window, which spell checking languages do
you wish to have pre-enabled? None? American English, British English,
Dutch and Norwegian? (ie, those which you have enabled in the Settings

When you speak of adding "auxiliary" languages, do you mean selecting
among the aforementioned languages, or, selecting additional languages
(ones which have not been enabled in the Settings dialog, such as
German) to spell check in? 

What I am trying to probe here is your use of the list of languages in
Edit->SCL. It sounds to me like what you want is: 

1) To limit the scope of any changes made to the list of languages in
Edit->SCL to the current email. 

2) The ability to choose which of the spell checking languages *already
enabled in the settings dialog* are used for spell checking any
particular mail.  

3) The ability to choose which dictionary (of the dictionaries enabled
for the mail in question) a particular word is added to.

Am I understanding your needs correctly?



Anna Marie Dirks <anna ximian com>

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