Re: [Evolution] Problem with reply and other stuff (OT)

On Mon, 2003-02-10 at 18:13, David Woodhouse wrote:
I was suggesting a configuration option so that users who want to
conform to what _is_ the standard practice would be able to do so
easily. Would you not even accept a patch for this if it was offered?
Do you personally make the final decision on such matters?

He doesn't.

He has a development manager (me), a product manager, and a UI designer,
whose opinions count more on this kind of issues than he cares to admit
on the list.  :-)

This, just to put Jeff's reactions in perspective.

Now, regarding the actual issue, I am not convinced myself that a
configuration option is necessary -- although I understand people have
certain habits that they want to preserve.

Maybe if we had a keyboard shortcut to jump to the end of the message
minus the signature it would help, without adding a configuration

-- Ettore

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