Mailing list setup (was Re: [Evolution] Send Later?)

I accidentally sent a message from my normal account (NOT
ximian nomeaning net), and to my horror it actually appeared on the
list, exposing my private e-mail address to spammers via the online
archive.  =sigh=

It appears that the updated mailing list software is set to accept
messages from people who are not subscribed to the list.  Could you
folks PLEASE fix this to reflect the previous behaviour (ignore the
message completely), or better yet, bounce the message, explaining that
you must be subscribed to post (I have been mystified why some of my
posts never appeared in the past, until I realized I'd used the wrong

As long as Evolution doesn't allow users to specify which account to
associate with a specific folder or addressee, imperfect people like me
are going to occasionally forget to set the From address properly before
sending a message.  I realized right after sending that last post that
I'd neglected to select the correct account, so I fixed it and re-sent
the post.

In any case, allowing non-subscribers to post messages is an invitation
to spam on the list itself.

I apologize for the double post and this off-topic message.


On Thu, 2003-02-06 at 07:34, Eric Lambart wrote: 
I always just run "killev"; then when I re-start Evo and start another
message, the unfinished message(s) is automatically recovered for me..
ha ha!

I do wish you could just quit Evo "politely" and have it actually save
messages the same way when it gives you the confirmation dialog (open
messages--save, discard, cancel).  If I save as Draft I might forget
that I was writing the message.

I can't remember the last time I actually shut down Evo properly.


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