Re: [Evolution] Importing: addresses and the like

On Fri, 2003-12-26 at 03:54, guenther wrote:
If you would have copied your old ~/evolution directory to your new
home, Evolution even would have updated those files if necessary...

This worked for the vCard info, but not the iCal file.

*shrug*  I'm pretty sure Evo is meant to upgrade its own data from
previous versions on first start...

What I did was migrate all of my data from my home directory to my
second HD and do a fresh install of SUSE 9.0 on my primary drive and not
touch the second drive at all during the install. Then it's just a
matter of moving the data back a little at a time, as I have the time
and need. Hence why I've tried to get Evo's data back and am having
trouble with the iCal stuff under 1.4.4 from version 1.2.4.

This may be a way for Evo developers to see how some of us less then
technical people do things even though it may not be the most elegant.



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