Re: [Evolution] Importing: addresses and the like

On Thu, 2003-12-25 at 09:03, guenther wrote:
Been using Evo since 1.0.8 and now with SUSE 9.0 and loving Evo 1.4.4. 
One issue: I have moved my old Evo directory to a second HD and want to
import iCal and vCard info

What version did you use previously? Maybe you can simply copy the data
files (don't forget 'evolution --force-shutdown' before).

My previous version was 1.2.4 and thanks for the evo shutdown command. 
I copied the vCard info and there was no trouble getting that to work,
but the iCal files did not come through.

If you would have copied your old ~/evolution directory to your new
home, Evolution even would have updated those files if necessary...

This worked for the vCard info, but not the iCal file.

(I've done the emails so far), but it does
not show up as an option under File > Import > Import Data/etc.  I know
where the data resides, but can't get to it.  I've tried the Single File
approach, but no avail.  Any hints? TIA

File / Import / Import A Single Files

offeres iCalender, vCalendar, vCard among others to me.

Yep, they are there, but I'm assuming that the "old files" command is
looking for it in the home directory. I've moved it to my second HD and
want to point to it but it is grayed out and won't allow me.

Thanks for the help. I'll keep trying on the iCal stuff.  Trying all
sorts of ways it keeps coming up "Error" and kills Evo so that I have to
sometimes shut it down.

Again, thanks.


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