Re: [Evolution] unable to connect to exchange 2000 OWA server with pop3 and ssl ?

1.0.x is very old and only supported sslwrap'd protocols, not STARTTLS
(which is what you want, presumably).

Please upgrade to 1.4.4

On Thu, 2003-08-28 at 19:24, Brian Wince wrote:
We are moving to exchange 2000 and have a requirement to use pop and/or imap
with ssl to connect to the OWA server using TLS on port 25. I have not been
able to get this to work with evolution. I can get this to work with mozilla
mail on linux RedHat 8.0. I am running evolution version 1.0.8-10. When
setting up the mail account for the outgoing mail server I select use secure
connection (ssl) and server requires authentication. When I click on check
for supported types in the authentication section I get a popup stating
checking services than sits there for a very long time and finally comes
back with the follow popup " error while 'checking service':Welcome response
error: Input/output error: possibly non-fatal". If I click okay and then
manually select either passwd or nt login from drop down I can not send
Does any one have any idea what could be wrong, how to resolve this problem?

Thanks in advance.


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