Re: [Evolution] timezone in the header of a reply quote

On Fri, 2003-08-15 at 09:55 +0200, Martin List-Petersen wrote:
It is that direction, that i thought in, especially some people not
might want to have the timezone info.

If anyone expresses a preference to omit timezone info, please do us all
a favour by taking them out back and shooting them. A time in any form
without unambiguous (preferably numeric) timezone info is completely

On Fri, 2003-08-15 at 02:18, Not Zed wrote:
You are talking about the timezone IN the message you're replying to? 

No, he's not -- since Evolution (brokenly IMHO) converts the time to the
replier's localtime in attributions. Patch to fix this below (I much
prefer this over the trivial one I just sent to just include the local
timezone after the bogus conversion).

I _think_ it's OK just to use gmtime and add the offset with %%+05d. Not
enough coffee yet this morning, er, afternoon...

--- mail/mail-callbacks.c~      Wed Jul  9 17:18:29 2003
+++ mail/mail-callbacks.c       Fri Aug 15 12:26:57 2003
@@ -995,6 +995,7 @@
        GConfClient *gconf;
        EIterator *iter;
        time_t date;
+       int date_ofs;
        char *url;
        gconf = mail_config_get_gconf_client ();
@@ -1189,9 +1190,13 @@
                        name = _("an unknown sender");
-               date = camel_mime_message_get_date (message, NULL);
-               e_utf8_strftime (format, sizeof (format), _("On %a, %Y-%m-%d at %H:%M, %%s wrote:"), 
localtime (&date));
-               text = mail_tool_quote_message (message, format, name && *name ? name : address);
+               date = camel_mime_message_get_date (message, &date_ofs);
+               /* Convert to UTC */
+               date -= (date_ofs / 100) * 60;
+               date -= date_ofs % 100;
+               e_utf8_strftime (format, sizeof (format), _("On %a, %Y-%m-%d at %H:%M %%+05d, %%s wrote:"), 
gmtime (&date));
+               text = mail_tool_quote_message (message, format, date_ofs, name && *name ? name : address);
                mail_ignore (composer, name, address);
                if (text) {
                        e_msg_composer_set_body_text (composer, text);


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