[Evolution] evolution 1.4.4 and gpg


I've just installed gpg (1.2.2-rc1-SuSE) and created a key-pair. After
it I put my gpg-id (like descriped in the evo-pdf) into the settings.
Now I tried it out with writing a new mail to myself (other adress) and
want to sign it. 

When I say send, first evo asks for my mantra, but after it there only a
error-message pops up (I try to translate from german):

gpg: GPG-Agent ist in dieser Sitzung nicht vorhanden
gpg: Schreiben nach '-'
gpg: DSA Unterschrift von: "xxxxxxxx Christoph Knauer
(Standard-Schl\xfc\x73sel f\xfc\x72 web.de) <christoph knauer web de>"

gpg: gpg-agent is not there
gpg: write to '-'
gpg: DSA-sign from ...

Any suggestions?

Thanx, chris

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