Re: [Evolution] evolution 1.4.4 and gpg

This is the 3rd time I've seen this message in 24 hours. Is the list
duplicating or are you resending it? Response times here are fast, but
they tend to slow a little on the weekends.


On Sun, 2003-08-10 at 11:56, cool65 wrote:

I've just installed gpg (1.2.2-rc1-SuSE) and created a key-pair. After
it I put my gpg-id (like descriped in the evo-pdf) into the settings.
Now I tried it out with writing a new mail to myself (other adress) and
want to sign it. 

When I say send, first evo asks for my mantra, but after it there only a
error-message pops up (I try to translate from german):

gpg: GPG-Agent ist in dieser Sitzung nicht vorhanden
gpg: Schreiben nach '-'
gpg: DSA Unterschrift von: "xxxxxxxx Christoph Knauer
(Standard-Schl\xfc\x73sel f\xfc\x72 <christoph knauer web de>"

gpg: gpg-agent is not there
gpg: write to '-'
gpg: DSA-sign from ...

Any suggestions?

Thanx, chris

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