[Evolution] Kudos and ???

I've been using Evo 1.2.3 for some while and really appreciate most of the
improvements to the program.

I recently downloaded and installed Red Carpet, which I used to download and
install Evo 1.2.3. NEVER have I had an easier time downloading and
installing any application software under Linux than with Red Carpet! I just
you offered the service for a wider range of application software.

Now for my questions:

After installing and successfully running Evo 1.2.3 for a fair while, I
started experiencing some problems with the OS (Mandrake 8.2). As a result I
was unable to boot Evolution. I tried many things to resolve the issue but
nothing I did worked including suggestions from the evolution help site.

I finally decided to uninstall and reinstall Evolution 1.2.3 hoping this
would solve my problems. Much to my dismay I discovered that, after
uninstalling Evo, I could find no way to re-install version 1.2.3. The only
thing on my distro disks is version 1.0.2, I believe. Even with Evo
uninstalled, Red Carpet does not offer me the option of downloading and
installing any version of Evolution.

Is there some way I can get Red Carpet to reinstall 1.2.3?? If not, Is there
a source for an RPM for Evolution 1.2.3 for Mandrake 8.2?? I sure can not
find one.

Thanks for any help anyone can offer.

LTR  }}:{(
Langsley T Russell
bulloved nitline com

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