[Evolution] Re: [Evolution-hackers] decryption support of mozilla-enigmail encrypted mail?

This list is meant for hackers only. If you are interested in developing
this feature, then this really belongs on the user list
(evolution ximian com).

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On Sun, 2003-04-27 at 09:03, Frederic Wenzel wrote:
Am Don, 2003-04-24 um 22.16 schrieb Christian Borup:
Have you already implemented and successfully tested enigmail decryption
support? The message format used by enigmail is not unusual, I suppose?
Additionally, a lot of people use it so it's quite important for people
like me to be able to decrypt such mails...

Encrypted and signed mails from enigmail works fine, if enigmail is
instructed to use pgp/mime rather than the (broken by design) inline

I tried this and yes, if enigmail is configured to use pgp/mime,
decrypting in Evolution works.

Nevertheless, inline pgp is such an important (important because
commonly used) feature that Evolution ought to be able to use it
passively as well as actively (de- and encrypting).

Looking for examples? Inline pgp is used by KMail for example, default
configured Enigmail and last but not least the original, commercial
edition of Pretty Good Privacy, version 8.

So how do you think about implementing inline pgp encrypting and
decrypting feature?


P.S.: I *would* implement it myself instead of asking but unfortunately
my programming experience isn't good enough yet...

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