Re: [Evolution] Change the Date format

On Sat, 2003-04-19 at 04:48, Helgi Örn Helgason wrote:
How can I change the date format in the mail lists Date column?
Instead of Apr 19 1:45 PM I want to use the ISO standard 2003-04-19

There's currently no way to do that.  The format that Evolution displays
depends on the locale that you are currently using.  For me, it is
en_US, and the file in my RH 7.1 installation that determines the format
is /usr/lib/locale/en_US/LC_TIME.

If you have AM/PM displayed in the time, it sounds to me like you are
set to an American locale...?

Anyway, I hacked my LC_TIME file to display 24-hr time instead of 12-hr,
but just so you know... there's no way to get rid of the
"Today/Yesterday" thing without patching and recompiling Evolution

I discussed this in a message dated Oct. 18, 2002, subject 
"Re: [Evolution] 24h date display", in which I also mentioned an earlier
thread - check the archives (via the link at the bottom of this msg.)


I have nothing against the American people... 
...but it is time for a regime change

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