Re: [Evolution] Compatibility

Meeting requests sent between the two Calendars don't understand each
other. Evolution uses the iCalendar (right?) but Outlook can't read
them (by default anyway). Outlook (by default) sends its meeting
requests via some M$ proprietary format. So my question is, are there
settings that I can have people set in Outlook (or in Exchange) to
have it send AND receive meeting requests in iCalendar format?

Are they using some antique version of Outlook? I think it's done the
right thing by default since Outlook 2000. Anyway, yes, there is
something they can set to switch to using iCalendar, but I don't
remember where it is any more. Searching for "Outlook 98 iCalendar" on will probably turn it up.

The other thing is LDAP. Exchange is setup to allow me to connect. But
when I try I get "Failed to Authenticate" messages

I'm not a 5.5 expert, but I think the default setting on 5.5's LDAP
server is to not even require authentication. Have you tried that?

If not, are you sure you have the right DN? You could also try using
your email address or "DOMAIN\username" as the DN. (As in, tell Evo to
authenticate by DN, not by email address, but give it your email address
or username as the DN.)

-- Dan

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