[Evolution] reading maildir mail

I'm using evo 1.2.4 and I'm trying to get evo to properly read in the ~/Mail 
directory and all folders under it. I use kmail right now and use maildir 

When I setup evo to read maildir format and point it to the Mail directory it 
reads everything but really places things in odd areas. 

For example I get ALL mail read into the "Unread mail" folder but if I look 
under the folder that uses my email address I see all the folders but top 
level folders that have subfolders in them begin with a .
and folders that don't have subfolders appear ok as do subfolders themselves.

Is there anyway to fix this in the setup or is this a "bug"? I've dug through 
the options and can't seem to find a way "out" of this problem.

Robert Cole

ps. If I didn't explain this correctly I do have an 86k png file that shows 
this but I didn't want to tick anyone off posting it. Email me and I can send 
it to you.

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