[Evolution] evo -> outlook xp cal/contact migration

So I'm crazy ... but

I want to keep my calendar and contacts using evo, and then have outlook
XP import the data from time to time (I have a pocket PC I want to sync
with).  I guess I could maintain the data in outlook and export to evo
... but vmware is pretty flaky on my machine.

Anyone done this regularly and successfully?

I exported the contacts to vcf format but outlook only seems to process
the first vcard in the list and ignore the rest of the contacts.

Also when I try importing the calendar info, outlook moves the times
back four hours (my 9:00 am meeting is now at 5:00 am).  I guess I could
write an awk script to deal with this ... but ...

(when I export from outlook via outport, I also get multiple entries for
some appts, such as Labour Day occuring each Monday in Sept; maybe this
is outlook being egregiously stupid.)

Yes, I know, buy a Palm ... but that's not in the cards at the moment
(and evo 1.1 palm syncing is broken anyway)

Thanks for any comments/advice

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