[Evolution] Spell/Typo checking

Hi all,

[My apologies if this has been asked and answered already; I did scan
the subject lines of the recdent digests and saw no mention of it.]

I used red carpet to upgrade Evolution to 1.08 and spell checking
stopped working. Of course, it's a little more complex than that,
because I first installed the beta version of Evolution and the Control
Center, but that (still) breaks synching with my Visor, so I back
tracked to 1.08 and the older control center. I mention the control
center because I noticed that's where the configuration for the spell
checking comes from. I have control-center- currently

Anyway, does anyone know how to get the spell checking back to working
order? I'd really appreciate some help!

James Gallagher                  The Distributed Oceanographic Data System
jgallagher gso uri edu              
Voice: 775.337.8612                                      Fax: 775.337.2105

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