[Evolution] Refreshing the INBOX?

So I have two needs to refresh the INBOX:

0)  I want to get new mail in the INBOX, but Send/receive can take a
minute (I have a lot of folders).  So I have to click on a small folder,
and then click on the INBOX.

0.5)  Sometimes Evo does not update.  I come back after an hour, and it
has not updated.  I have to use the above trick.

1)  When I have two IMAP clients Evolution never respects that someone
else read/deleted or replied to a note (Reply might be a local flag).  I
would like to refresh it.  The #0 trick does not work.  I have to quit

It would be nice to tell Evo to dump its cache and reload the
information from the imap server.

Zot O'Connor <zot zotconsulting com>
White Knight Hackers, Inc.

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