I have an idea (was Re: [Evolution] Bogofilter? The fight against spam continues...)

(WHOOPS! This email accidentally went to an INDIVIDUAL when I intended
to propose it to the list, hmmmmmmm, how did that happen...?)

How about this solution

I put everything that comes into my Earthlink account into my "spam
suspects" folder by default. Let's call it Filter-S

Whatever comes into Earthlink that hits my other "friends" filters gets
moved into another folder first, and then "Stop processing" is done,
before Filter-S gets to pass judgement. So if the email is predesignated
by me as wanted, then Filter-S doesn't get to it. Ergo, spam is junked,
and wanted email is kept. I also get to CHECK the spam-suspects folder
to see if wanted email was inadvertently dumped there, before erasing

Now what if I could do this.. How about a filter that says "any email
that comes from someone on my ADDRESS LIST, is left alone (stop
processing)"? I would put that rule right above my spam filters so all
emails would be processed properly, and any remaining miscellaneous
email from trusted sources would sit in the inbox, while untrusted
emails would go directly to a spam box, which I would inspect before

Quite the foolproof spam busting technique, no?

So far I do not see how to implement an "any email that comes from
someone on my ADDRESS LIST, is left alone (stop processing)" rule.

-- Steve

On Mon, 2002-09-23 at 07:42, Erlend Simonsen wrote:
Seeing as I get well over 200 spam emails a day, naturally spam
filtering is a pretty big thing for me. ;-) Has anyone considered adding
support for bogofilter or one of the spin offs from that project to

I'd love having a filtering rule that interfaced to bogofilter, as well
as updating the filters statistics when I read an email or move it to a
spam marked folder. 

Possible to do at all? 

Erlend Simonsen

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