Re: [Evolution] outlook 2000 mail not threading.

On Thu, 2002-09-26 at 00:37, Eric Lambart wrote:
On Wed, 2002-09-25 at 06:32, Not Zed wrote:

The code in 1.0.8 has a fallback, that "re: xxx" is probably a reply to
"xxx", so it puts them in the thread too.  But a lot of people
complained about this (i think they thought only the subject was used
for threading, which is clearly not the case), so it was removed (fwiw i
protested about it, and refused to implement the change).  Jeff did put
in a manually adjustable config option to re-enable the old behaviour

Well, how does it work?  Is this to remain an undocumented secret or is
it in some thread I missed?

it's in another thread that you missed, but to sumarise:

edit ~/evolution/config.xmldb and set thread_subject to "1"



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