Re: [Evolution] evolution - imap bug

I think I recall seeing a hack to disconnect evolution after it's listed
a few hundred or a thousand or some odd number of folders. Maybe that's
why. The reason for this hack (if it is not part of my imagination) is
that users would list their entire home directories and have sumlinks
all over the file system and so evo could never ever finish listing the
folders. So to protect against that, someone added a hack to stop
listing after a bit.

I dunno, try getting a CAMEL_VERBOSE_DEBUG log I guess.

export CAMEL_VERBOSE_DEBUG=1; killev; evolution-mail

wait for a message from evo-mail saying its read and then start
evolution in another term.


On Thu, 2002-09-26 at 00:48, Calvin Liu wrote:
When I use evolution to connect to an UW IMAP server, evolution keeps 
scanning the folders and hungs up. (Yeah, there are a large number of 
folders to be listed. :-) )
Is it a known bug or any comment?


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