Re: [Evolution-hackers] Re: The schedule of Evolution1.4- [Evolution] porting to Gtk2/Gnome2

I don't really know the answer to either of those questions beyond
"soon" and "hopefully not long".

It really won't be much different than 1.2 (well, exactly the same
except using the gtk2 toolkit instead of gtk1.2) as far as I know.


On Tue, 2002-09-24 at 01:12, Jay Yan wrote:
Thanks, Jeffrey.

Then when will be the releasing of 1.2? and how long will 1.4's 
development take?

Thanks, I am so eager to use evolution1.4 now :-)


Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:

We plan to start the 1.4 port right after we release 1.2, beyond that I
know zip, zilch, nada. Oh, and it will contain no new features.


On Mon, 2002-09-23 at 23:44, Jay Yan wrote:

Thanks Adam.

It is said that Evolution1.4 will run on gtk2/gnome2. does anybody know 
the schedule of evolution1.4? or information of evolution (1.4) 's 
roadmap? thanks


Adam Williams wrote:


Perhaps somebody ever asked this question, of so, sorry for bothing, and 
please send the information again, thanks a lot!


Yes, someone has asked before and recieved an answer.  Check the archives 
for the exact answer.


The question is:
Is the work of port evolution to Gtk2/Gnome2 underway now? and how much 
work is there? what is the expectable releasing day?


The jist of the answer, as I recal, was Yes, A lot, and ( No | A long 


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