Re: The schedule of Evolution1.4- [Evolution] porting to Gtk2/Gnome2

We plan to start the 1.4 port right after we release 1.2, beyond that I
know zip, zilch, nada. Oh, and it will contain no new features.


On Mon, 2002-09-23 at 23:44, Jay Yan wrote:
Thanks Adam.

It is said that Evolution1.4 will run on gtk2/gnome2. does anybody know 
the schedule of evolution1.4? or information of evolution (1.4) 's 
roadmap? thanks


Adam Williams wrote:

Perhaps somebody ever asked this question, of so, sorry for bothing, and 
please send the information again, thanks a lot!

Yes, someone has asked before and recieved an answer.  Check the archives 
for the exact answer.


The question is:
Is the work of port evolution to Gtk2/Gnome2 underway now? and how much 
work is there? what is the expectable releasing day?

The jist of the answer, as I recal, was Yes, A lot, and ( No | A long 


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