Re: [Evolution] Lost Received time

On Fri, 2002-09-20 at 22:50, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
On Fri, 2002-09-20 at 09:08, Not Zed wrote:
if you add received date, you may as well just get all headers.  i
reckon on average it'll be smaller (received is normally the biggest
chunk downloaded from the server).

Yea, I know :\

also, you could just fudge it and make received == date.

thought about doing this, maybe this is what we should do.

That would be totally inaccurate, would it not?

Anyway, I for one have always wanted the Received Date to work, and it
has NEVER worked all the way back to Evo 0.10.99 or so, for me.  Most of
the messages have "?" so it was always useless.  I was always using POP
before, now I am converting to IMAP and would certainly want it to work

It gets really frustrating that Evolution can't ever get the Received
date right on about 40 percent of the messages I receive.  It makes the
whole column totally useless to me, since I can't sort by date Received
(all the ? marks go to one end).

This seems to be a parsing problem of some sort, because it depends on
the sender of the message.  Whether the sender's SMTP server is borked
or not, it's reality.  FWIW all messages from the Evolution List have
"Received" headers that are properly parsed by Evolution.

Here we go with that old line again: "it has worked well in almost every
other mailer I've used" =)


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