[Evolution] Version confusion??

Okay, which version is 1.2?
I went and hunted for it and I saw
evolution-1.1.1-0.ximian.1.2.i386.rpm /

but the one I downloaded yesterday, 

is being reported as newer, by RPM.

So do I have the ultra up to date version of Evolution?

BTW I used to be a die hard XFmail user, an XFmail chauvenist at that.
Recently, they announced a new version of XFmail; usually I'd download
the binary or compile it without question, and upgrade. Now I just look
at it, download it for archive purposes, but then go right back to
checking my email via Evolution!

Evolution has spanked XFmail like a redheaded stepchild - and that is
one tall feat because XFmail rocks...

-- Steve

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