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fre 2002-09-20 klockan 21.00 skrev Tom Ball:
On Thu, 2002-09-19 at 12:55, Tony Earnshaw wrote:
The easiest way for me, as mortal user, to turn my keyboard into a
German keyboard, is to go into an xterm (command-line screen, like an
MSDOS command screen but subtly different, you don't have to go out of
Evo) and enter 'setxkbmap de'. Hey presto, German keyboard, which will
print too :-)

"But I don't want a German keyboard," you say; "I just want an umlaut."

It's a hard life, Sean, a hard life.

Life is not that hard, at least for entering international characters.

That mostly worked, except that 115 has keyboard repeat on by default,
which makes using it as a modifier difficult.  I couldn't figure out how
to modify this in X, so as a hack I added "/usr/bin/X11/xset -r 115" as
a GNOME startup program (GNOME Control Center/Advanced).  If someone
knows the correct way to make this change, please let me know.  In any
event, it appears to work.

Download xkeycaps from the web, it has a nice GUI and alows you to
dump a xmodmap file with your changes. I moved my ALT key and my Win key
is now Meta my ~ is no-longer dead etc... nice little changes..
to bad that if you put them in the .bashrc file you can't do working
SSH sessions.. but it's ok..

If this is too much work (or my instructions don't work on your system),
there is always the Programs/Utilities/GNOME Character Map application. 

Wow I didnt even know there was one..

Mårten Woxberg <marwo264 student liu se>
University of Linköping

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