Re: [Evolution] Changing the default display size of plain-text mails

On Thu, 2002-09-19 at 03:30, Francois Taiani wrote:
Hi everyone,

my evolution is now running :), though I had to strain my brains a bit
to find out that the "folder bar" was needed to see which mail account I
had subscribed to. May I suggest that the folder view be switched on by
default ?

yeah i dunno why its like that, its probably meant to look like lookout
or something.

Now that I can read my mail, I'd like to set the font it is displayed
with a bit larger. I've seen there's such a thing in the menu, but it is
only set for one particular folder (mind, I can set it for all folders,
but I don't find it very ergonomic). I've seen Evolution has added an
entry in the control center of Gnome that allows the change of the plain
text font of compose windows, but I could not find anything similar for
reading mail.

the gtkhtml font settings apply both for the composer and the viewer.

Does anyone know how to solve that problem ?

1.2 has the setting more accessible, but afaik its still basically the
same setting.

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