Re: [Evolution] Moving local folders to IMAP server

On Wed, 2002-09-18 at 11:01, Kenneth Porter wrote:
I want to move my local folders to my shiny new UW IMAP server. However,
selecting Move from the folder context menu and selecting an IMAP folder
(directory, not mbox) as a destination, I get "Cannot move folder.
Operation not supported." Shouldn't evo just create the new folder and
move all the messages within? I can do that manually, but it seems like
evo ought to be able to automate the process.

This is how we would implement it, but the Shell component does not
support moving from local to remote (or remote to remote even). It
expects that the folder will be moved from the same store to another
location within the same store.

That said, there is a feature request for this already filed.

(I was just looking into this yesterday)


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