Re: [Evolution] Changing message body font size

It should work for all messages, what versions of evolution and gtkhtml
are you using?  There is some chance it is having a hard time finding a
larger vesion of the font you have specified a your fixed width font.


On Tue, 2002-09-17 at 13:01, Mike Greiner wrote:
Open a message, click somewhere in the message, then do <ctrl>+ to
increment font size and <ctrl>- to decrement it. I found <ctrl>+ twice
worked nicely.

One additional piece of information: I just found one message where the
above works. It's a message I composed in evolution as HTML. The other
person replied and I can resize the body of her reply using the above
method. So far that's the only message I've found that works with the
keys described above.

Is there an evolution setting to choose whether to vew messages in HTML
format or only in plain text?

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