Re: [Evolution] Changing message body font size

Not sure about doing it in the setup files, but you can do it once evo
is running.

Open a message, click somewhere in the message, then do <ctrl>+ to
increment font size and <ctrl>- to decrement it. I found <ctrl>+ twice
worked nicely.


On Tue, 2002-09-17 at 16:25, Mike Greiner wrote:
Hello All,

I'd like to change the font used to display messages in Evolution. I've
tried two methods so far:

1. use the Gnome control center to change the font for the HTML Viewer applet
2. use my .gtkrc.mine file to specify a default font

These methods each work, either partially or with side effects.

Method #1 seemed to change only the message headers -- increasing the
font size of the HTML Viewer increased the font size of the message
headers, but not the message body. Is this a bug?

Method #2, specifying a default font to Gtk, did change the font for the
message body, but of course it also changed the font size of the message
list itself, the toolbar fonts, etc. I'd like to specify a font *just*
for the message body, and not dictate the font for all these other areas
of the interface.

So, suggestions? Are there specific font / widget classes I can use to
set the font for just the message body, just the message list, just the
toolbar, etc.? Is there a different approach you'd suggest?

Thanks, Mike

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